Coloured wax spill on carpet which can ruin it’s looks.

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Imagine partaking in a relaxing meditation hour with beautiful candlelight cosying up your ambience. And suddenly, the candle falls on your carpet, and now there’s a huge candle stain that has practically taken away your peace of mind. 

Sounds scary, right?

Don’t worry! Getting candle wax out of your carpet doesn’t take much as long as you do it right. Just follow the steps given below, and the wax will be out of your carpet in no time. 

What You’ll Need 

Ensure you have all the supplies you need to get rid of the wax spills. Here’s a list you can follow: 

  • Ice cubes or ice packs. You can also use a plastic bag or towel with ice in it. 
  • A blunt scraper or butter knife. Even the edge of a spoon will work. 
  • Paper towels or terry cloth towels 
  • A warm iron
  • A carpet cleaner solution 
  • A vacuum cleaner 

Cool It

If you have just spilled the candle wax on the carpet, don’t try to clean it up immediately. Rushing will only lead to smearing the wax around and making it even more difficult to deal with. 

Instead, let the wax harden either by itself or by gently applying an ice pack over it. You can also wrap some ice cubes in a towel and leave that over the wax until it’s completely frozen. 

Scrape It

Once the wax has solidified, use a blunt knife or spoon to remove the wax off the carpet. Avoid aggressive scraping. The trick is to remove the thickest wax bits first without damaging your carpet. 

If the spill is in a large area and seems impossible to clean, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning Thornlie service for fast and effective carpet cleaning tapping

Warm it Up

If you still have some wax left on the carpet, you need to warm it up again. Start by covering it with a paper towel or clean cloth towel. Now warm your iron at low temperature and place it over the towel. This will help transfer the wax to the towel without ruining your carpet. 

Now repeat the process using a fresh towel. Keep repeating this with clean towels until the wax completely vanishes. 

Clean the Carpet

Now that you’ve removed all the bits of wax from your carpet, it’s time to clean it up for good. Start by vacuuming any remaining debris and dust in that area. If the wax was from a coloured candle that left a colour stain, then use a clean white cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol to dab at the affected area.

Next, spray a carpet cleaning solution on the area, let it sit for a while, and blot it carefully. Make sure you are not rubbing the solution on the carpet but only dabbing it. This will remove any leftover candle stains and leave the carpet look brand-new again!

Final Word

Go ahead and fill your home with candles. Because the next time you encounter a few wax stains on your carpet, our tried and tested methods will surely come in handy!