End of Lease Cleaning Tips – How to Get Your Bond Back in Full

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End of Lease Cleaning Tips – How to Get Your Bond Back in Full

House rental is on the rise in Australia. Census conducted in 2016 revealed that 30.9 percent of Australia’s population live in rented accommodations.

If you’re a tenant, you probably understand how overwhelming moving can be. Cleaning is a major contributor to end-of-lease stress. Amidst having so much to do, you are worried if the condition of the property is satisfactory enough to get you your security deposit back.

To get the complete security deposit back, you have to ensure that you hand over the property back to the landlord in the same condition you first found it. However, due to inevitable wear and tear, or if your landlord is overly critical, you might want to take a few extra steps to make sure he or she has no reason to complain!

Here are some tips you can use to ensure that your landlord hands you back the full bond amount with a smile on their face.

Start From the Day You Move In

If you’ve spent your entire time in the rented apartment ignoring spills, repairs or generally trashing it all over, it’s going to cost you a lot of time and money to get it back to the condition you first got it.

Over time, spills and stains can settle into carpets, on walls and floors and can make it difficult for you to get rid of them completely. Spills that are allowed to remain on wood floors can discolour them, weaken the fibres of carpets, and are an open invitation for all kinds of critters—from roaches to rodents—to take refuge in your home.

From the day you first move in, start caring for your rented property like you would if you owned the place. While the leaser may be responsible for making sure all functional aspects of your apartment—plumbing, heating and electricity and anything else that came with the place—are in working condition, you are responsible for maintaining the appearance of the place.

Wipe any spills as soon as they happen, replace burned out light bulbs, vacuum regularly, clean windows and avoid causing any property damage that could end up causing you a ton right from the beginning. You’re going to thank yourself when the lease ends!

Hire Professionals for the Job

End of lease cleaning can be very exhausting and time consuming. There are a million things around the property that you have to get in order. Most people employ the help of professional bond cleaning companies for the job. This saves them a lot of valuable time and hassle.

Professional cleaners are equipped with all the right equipment, powerful cleaners, appropriate chemicals and the skills to take care of all kinds of stains and spills. Especially in the case of carpets, using the wrong chemicals to clean them could counterproductively end up damaging them instead. Similarly, it is very easy to accidentally damage hardwood floors, leather upholstery and white tiles due to a lack of knowledge regarding proper cleaning methods.

However, you have to be careful when you hire a company for your bond cleaning. Make sure the cleaning outfit you choose are legitimate and well established. Check to see if they have a website and look for customer reviews and testimonials. Here is an example.

Use the Original Condition Report as Reference

When you first move in, in addition to the condition report you get, take pictures of every location in the apartment. Having pictures as a reference will help you bring the place as close to its original condition—after factoring in fair wear and tear—when it’s time for you to move out.

Make a checklist and do a full inspection of the property. Use the original condition report as your reference. You do not need to fix things which were already broken when you moved in. Also, if some things around the property have deteriorated since you moved in, don’t panic. You are not responsible for things that are prone to wear and tear with age.

Carpets May Be an Issue

Carpets are start showing their age the earliest. The smallest of spills can seep into the fibres, simultaneously damaging the carpet itself and effectively ruining your chances of getting your bond back in full.

Your carpets are very easy to get dirty and notoriously hard to clean. If you decide to wash the carpets yourself, you will probably end up causing damage which will take a big chunk off your bond.

Therefore, it is recommended to get the carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaners, especially if the carpets were steam-cleaned before you moved in.

Cleaning Basics

Take everything you think you’ll need for your cleaning spree and put it together in one place. This will help you save time—which you’re going to need a lot of if you decide on doing end of lease cleaning yourself.

Vacuum the entire house. This will help get rid of any dust, cobwebs, or other dry debris before you attack the surfaces with damp cloth or cleaner. In case of stubborn stains, avoid using harsh chemicals, as you could end up damaging the surface instead. In such a case, it is always better to hire a professional to take care of the job for you.

Take off any curtains that came with the place, check tags for washing instructions and follow them—or just send them off to the dry cleaners!

Take care of any repairs that may have occurred due to your negligence or misdemeanour. Property damage beyond acceptable wear and tear is one of the main reasons why tenants may be denied their bond in full.

Interior Cleaning

Clear out all cabinets, cupboards, shelves and all other storage places that came with the apartment. While thoroughly dusting the area, look out for telltale signs of rodents, or any kind of insect infestation. These signs include droppings, odours, and random holes in the furniture, nests or sounds of activity. If the infestation was caused due to improper cleanliness on your part, the landlord is sure to cut part of your security deposit for negligence.

If you own a pet, it might be a clause in your contract to get the place fumigated before you move out. Similarly, it is usually required to get all carpets steam cleaned by a professional prior to the end of your contract.

Walls with scuff marks can be painted over. If there are too many scuff marks to cover, it might just be better to paint the entire wall again. Just make sure you’re covering them in the same colour as the original!

Check bathrooms for water stains, mould and moisture damage. Get any blockages fixed prior to inspection, and thoroughly clean shower heads, windows, toilet bowls, doors and glass shower doors. All handles and hinges must be in proper working condition if they were so when you first rented the place.

Kitchen Cleaning

While the landlord is responsible for the maintenance of all appliances that came with the property—except in cases where the damage has occurred due to the tenant’s negligence—it is the tenants responsibility to ensure the appliances undergo as little wear and tear as possible.

Regularly deep cleaning the dishwashers, removing stains and spills from stoves, sinks, microwaves and refrigerators is ideal. Check all drains for any signs of blockages and get them fixed if required. Vacuum exhaust fans, wash filters, clean range hoods, take out the garbage and wipe down the counters prior to inspection.

The oven is usually the first item to be inspected, and finding grease and food stains stuck to the inside is usually all it takes for any leaser to refuse to give you your deposit back in full.

Plug out all appliances, pull them away from the wall and clean beneath and behind them. Behind cupboards, furniture and appliances is where most pests make their home as these are perfectly dark and secluded.

Exterior Cleaning

If your rental property came with a lawn, pool, patio, or garage, you might want to take a look around these areas too. Keep the lawn mowed, weeds pulled, the pool clean, patio and garage dusted and free of cobwebs, dust and property damage to ensure a complete bond return.

Do a Final Inspection after Cleaning

After the cleaning is finished, make sure you go around the property one last time. Keep cleaning products and equipment handy in case you find something you missed. This will help your peace of mind when the landlord shows up to inspect the property.

How to Ensure No Spot Goes Uncleaned

Exhausted just reading all the work in store for you in addition to packing and moving out? Leave the hard work to the professionals!

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