Hiring Professionals ForYour End-of-lease Cleaning? Here’s What To Look For

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Hiring Professionals ForYour End-of-lease Cleaning? Here’s What To Look For

The end of a lease can be a hectic and stressful period. Your security deposit money is at stake and you want to maintain a good relationship with the landlord. You want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Then comes the cleaning part.
End-of-lease cleaning usually requires time, elbow grease, concentration and removal of a lot of stubborn stains. Hiring professional end-of-lease cleaners can go a long way to relieving you of the hassle and stress.

However, you should make sure that the company you are hiring is capable of doing a good job.
In January 2018, NSW Fair Trading received 199 complaints from citizens about dodgy end-of-lease professional cleaners ripping them off.Remember, it’s your money and reputation that’s on the line. If you are in the Perth area, here is a reputable outfit you may want to consider for your end-of-lease cleaning.
Here is what you look for in a professional cleaning company before hiring them for your end-of-leasecleaning.

A Professional Staff

If you think end-of-leasecleaning can be done by anyone, you couldn’t be more wrong. There is a clear difference between amateurs and experienced professionals.
Amateurs may take their time figuring out how to clean different stains from carpets, remove grime from between the tiles on walls and floors, how to polish upholstery, etc. but experienced professionals will know exactly what to do.
End-of-lease cleaning experts are aware of all that is needed to make a house look close to new so you can get the full security deposit back.
Look a company thathas experienced and trained personnel on the team. The people doing your end-of-leasecleaning should have a professional and ethical approach toward the job. If you hire amateurs, you will get inferior quality results that might cause damage to the property.

Quick Service

The greatest advantage of hiring professional end-of-lease cleaning services is that it saves time; end-of-lease cleaning services are incredibly cost-efficient.
Cleaning every nook and cranny of a house is a tall task but professional cleaners can do the job within a day’s time (depending on how much cleaning is required).
When you are in a hurry to get your security deposit back and time is of essence. You want to hire a company that can promise to do a quality job within a specified timeframe.
Companies, such as Carpet Cleaning for Perth, that specialise in bond cleaning have fast response and their teams deliver quality work promptly.

A Well-Equipped Team

Established house cleaning companies use industrial equipment and cleaning agents that make the job easier and faster. Amateur cleaners with outdated equipment cannot attain that level of cleanliness and finesse needed to get back the full security deposit.
If you’re looking to get back the deposit, you need to earn it by investing in a company with experience.
Reputable cleaning companies commit to giving their best to clients every time and that can’t happen by using everyday household cleaning items found at the supermarket.
Clients want to know that the cleaning company they hired was worth the money; that they need to see that the cleaning team is well-equipped with commercial cleaning supplies.
An experienced and professional team will always come with the right tools for the job. A good staff will also be familiar with the correct use of cleaning chemicals and equipment. They know when and how stain removers and disinfectants are to be applied to get the best results.


Not all professional cleaning companies provide insurance but many of them do. When you hire a company for end-of-lease cleaning, you’re trusting them to look after the house and furniture (if there is any).
The last thing you want is for the cleaning company to damage the house in some way which can result in you losing the security deposit.
It’s best to look for a company that is willing to take responsibility of the flooring, carpet, fans, etc. while it is working on a house by offering insurance in case of damage.
As a tenant you can rest assured that the property is going to be looked after while the cleaning team is doing their job and any damage they cause will be paid for.

Added Services

There are a few standard services that most cleaning companies will provide but some offer additional services such as restoration and sanitization.
Nothing impresses landlords more than the look and fragrance of freshly cleaned and sanitized house that is ready to be leased out.
Not all companies will include cleaning of windows, carpets and outdoor areas of the property. Before you hire a company ask them about the services that are included in their bond cleaning package. If there are particular areas of the property that need to be cleaned/restored, then look for a company that covers them.
When you’re looking for professional cleaning companies, ask them about their complete end-of-lease cleaning package.What services do they provide? Do they offer additional services which you can benefit from?

Level of Experience

End-of-lease cleaning is tied to your bond which is why you shouldn’t trust inexperienced companies with it.
To ensure you’re giving the job to a reliable company, ask them how long they’ve been in business. A company with years of experience can will offer quality services within the set time-frame and budget.
Handing the job over to rookies can end up costing you as they may lack the expertise and knowledge to tackle complicated tasks. Look for a company that has been in business for at least 8-10 years.


End-of-lease cleaning is no easy feat, experienced companies will charge a fair amount of money for their services. As a tenant you need to remember that the cost of cleaning is a small price you’ll have to pay in order to receive the full bond which is of much greater value.
With that being said, each company has its own way of charging clients. The majority of cleaning companies in Australia charge an hourly rate for their first home-visit during which they assess the conditionof the house and all the services it may require.
Based on the initial assessment, they will provide a no-obligation quote outlining all the services that can benefit the house.
Unlike inexperienced companies that usually have extra or hidden costs, companies that have been in business for a while offer very detailed quotes with complete information on their policies.

Flexible Cleaning Times

Some cleaning companies have very stringent working hours while others are much more flexible. If you’re fast approaching the end of your tenancy, it helps to look for a cleaning company that can work around your schedule. In case you’re really in a rush, see if they’ll let you hire extra cleaners for the job.
Moving houses is a stressful and complicated task; things go wrong all the time. Make sure you hire a company that won’t penalize you for rescheduling if you need to.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Tenants that undermine the significance of end-of-lease cleaning are risking losing their bond. Experienced end-of-lease cleaning companies guarantee customer satisfaction; in the rare case they don’t get it right the first time, they will be happy to come back to tend to areas that were missed out.
Keep your eye out for a company that offers custom solutions tailored to your needs. From cleaning tiles and grout to dusting cobwebs from ceiling fans to removing stubborn carpet stains, there are end-of-lease cleaning companies that provide comprehensive cleaning solutions.

Customer Reviews and References

Customer testimonials can tell a lot about a company’s service. Legitimate businesses usually have active websites and social media pages where you can check their customer feedback.
Take a close look at reviews of past customers to see what they have to say about the company’s services. What do they say about the quality? Did they finish the job on time? Were there any extra charges? How professional were they?
Check out what the company’s reviews on third-party websites say. Generally, companies only post positive reviews on their own websites but third-party websites contain all reviews – the good, the bad and the ugly! They’ll give you a better idea of the company you’re hiring and any red flags you need to look out for.
End-of-lease cleaning services can help you get back the full bond payment you made at the beginning of your tenancy. If you take it lightly, you could lose the security deposit so take the time to find the best company for the job.

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