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Clean Carpets are one of the important components of a safe and tidy home. But there are different types of carpet cleaning services you can opt for. Sometimes the same carpets might need two or more types of cleaning services. First, start by evaluating the carpet depending on the patterns, color, age, etc. After you decide on the ideal cleaning service, just choose the service and go forth with cleaning carpets. 

Different types of carpet cleaning services

  1. Bonnet cleaning

It involves using rotary floor machines along with cleaning pads. You will be requiring cleaning solutions to provide clean fabrics for carpets. Professional Carpet cleaning services in thornlie mostly prefer bonnet cleaning methods. Here, large scrubbers are used to keep dust and debris away. Further, the pads made from cotton provide the best results. 

This method is very easy and the drying time is also short. It is a low moisture system for cleaning and best for heavy traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. It’s best for removing all kinds of oil stains and providing a great look to the carpets. 

  1. Steam cleaning

It is using a pressure washer along with a vacuum tied to a van for removing dust and dirt. This method is best for removing surface dirt. Also, this method is a great one for giving a deep and thorough cleaning to the carpets. If the carpets have spills or if you have pets in your homes, go for steam cleaning. 

But remove all the furniture while carrying out this method. Use a hot water solution inside the container. The drying takes time, but the process is worth it. 

  1. Shampooing

Shampooing is always the best option when you have to clean filthy carpets. Furthermore, just take an adequate shampoo to bring the right shine to the carpets. There are two types of shampooing. Dry foam shampoo uses chemicals to clean in the dry foam form. The other is wet shampoo using a set of chemical mixtures. 

It creates very less foam but the method itself requires very less water. It is the best option to remove soil sediments from the carpets. 

  1. Encapsulation

It is yet another low moisture carpet cleaning tapping method. This process involves using crystalline polymers for removing soil particles. It eliminates the chance of sticky residues as well. The polymers surround the dirt, soils, and other sediments like capsules. 

The encapsulated particles become weak and brittle over time and you can remove them using vacuuming. You can use detergent to remove these particles. 

  1. Powder cleaning

It is a dry cleaning process where an absorbent cleaner is put on the carpets and then the piles. It is cleaned using a vacuuming or mechanical brush. It is used for removing mild soil conditions. 

There is no need for drying the carpets since no water is used in the process. Sometimes some compounds may remain on the carpets resulting in white shoe syndrome. 


Carpet cleaning is in itself a very difficult and tedious task. You should call for professionals to get the carpets cleaned. Choose only the suitable carpet cleaning methods.