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When it comes to carpet cleaning, the severity of the stains will depend upon the kind of liquid that causes the stain. Even though mud & dirt can pose problems, oil & red wine can prove to be a more serious issue. It should be known that some types of stains can be eliminated with relative ease, while other types of stains will require quite a bit more effort than usual. 

Hence, to help you learn about the toughest carpet stains, we have curated a list containing the names of some of them, so that you can get a brief idea regarding each one of them.

A List Of The Toughest Carpet Stains

1. Stains Caused Due To Red Wine

Even though drinking red wine is good for your heart, it’s certainly not good for your carpet. According to a professional company for carpet cleaning in Cannington, the best way to deal with red wine is to blot the affected area on your carpet. Blotting will help in removing as much wine from the carpet fibres as possible.

Once you’ve completed the blotting process, remember to create a mixture of the following ingredients:

  • A tablespoon of safe dishwashing liquid. 
  • A tablespoon of white vinegar.
  • Two cups of warm water. 

After you’ve successfully created the above-mentioned mixture, remember to use a sponge, soak the same into the mixture and then apply it onto the affected area of your carpet. 

In case the stain is strong, then you have to mix one part of the dishwashing liquid along with two parts of hydrogen peroxide. Remember to test a small portion of your carpet with the mixture before applying the same onto the affected area, so that the mixture doesn’t bleach or damage the area. Once done, remember to wipe off the area using a wet cloth. 

2. Stains Caused Due To Pets

If your pet had an accident on your carpet, then remember to soak as much of the liquid as possible using paper towels or newspapers. Once done, you can clean the area with cold water and let the carpet air dry. 

According to a reliable company for carpet cleaning in Parkwood, in case the carpet exudes smells, then you can utilise an odour neutraliser. Remember to not utilise any stain removal tool because such tools will exert heat into the carpet and the heat will register the stain deep into the carpet fibres. 

If the above-mentioned procedure doesn’t work, then you have to wet the carpet and treat the same with an enzyme cleaner. You can find enzyme cleaners at most pet stores. Allow the cleaning agent to stay overnight and then use paper towels to soak all the remaining residue. 

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