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Many people put carpet cleaning in the ‘that would be nice’ or ‘I know it would look better’ category of home cleaning. This is not unreasonable considering the perceived effort and expensive involved in a good carpet cleaning. But it may be time to take Carpet Cleaning out of the ‘I should’ category and into the ‘I will’ for your O’Connor WA 6163 home for the health benefits.

Do You Know What Lurks in Your Carpet?

Carpet cleaning eliminates trapped pollutants. According to the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency, an uncleaned carpet may hold numerous sources of indoor air pollutants, including pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, particle pollution, and just your average everyday dust and dirt. EW! Contaminated airborne gases can stick to these particles and stay imprisoned in the carpet.

Surprisingly, these gases can be released through everyday activities, such as vacuuming and walking across the carpet, releasing them into the air you breathe. Fortunately, however, our professional carpet cleaning services from Carpet Cleaning for Perth will kill these bacteria through our non-toxic, environmentally friendly products.

Carpet cleaning gets rid of dust mites. Dust mites in and of themselves are really not bad, but they’re likely around and you just can’t see them. What is bad about dust mites is that the things they leave behind as part of their lives can make us sick, and/or have allergies without even knowing why. When you have your carpet professionally steam cleaned, this not only kills the microscopic mites, but also eradicates their influence on your health.

Carpet cleaning helps destroy mould. You likely think of mould on your tile and grout or in the shower, but we don’t often think of it in our carpets. If you live in O’Connor WA 6163, the humidity tends to be high, which is a key element for mould growth. While it may seem like having your carpets steam cleaned would increase the problem, this actually kills the mould if there is any, leaving the area clean. This method also dries quicker than other cleaning methods.

Looking Good!

Once you have your carpets professionally cleaned, you will not only quickly experience the health benefits, but they will look so much better. There’s nothing quite so nice as walking into a home with freshly cleaned carpets, and it could be your home. In-between professional cleanings, you’ll want to practice good habits at home like a regular vacuum cleaning routine, shaking out area rugs, and keeping things dry.

If you find it difficult to find the time to clean your floors, consider hiring a trustworthy secondary school student who’s trying to earn some extra money. If you have older children at home, they could vacuum to earn an allowance, or do it just because they have the privilege of living with you. If you live by yourself, having help really does make it easier because there is less to clean.

Area rugs tend to be easier to keep clean than big areas of wall-to-wall carpet, so you may want to get some that you can vacuum, shake out outside, or put in the wash. With regular cleaning and professional home cleaning, your home will feel beautiful and clean, and you will, too.

Have Your Tile and Grout Cleaned in O’Connor

There are lots of blogs out there titled, ‘The Secret To…’ just about anything for cleaning. There are some titled, ‘The Secret to Tile and grout cleaning ’ but the real secret? Just doing it. Nobody really likes it, but cleaning doesn’t have to be as hard or secretive as it has been made out to be. Especially if you keep up with your O’Connor WA 6163 home and hire our professionals to do the deep cleaning, you’ll see that it’s not so challenging after all.

Getting Through the Chores

Most people would agree that it’s better to just do something difficult once and then keep up with it, rather than having to do the hard thing over and over. An example of this would be with tile and grout cleaning. It is fairly tedious work, but if you do it well once and seal the work with a sealant, it will be so much easier in the future.

If you want to clean your tile and grout yourself, this can be done with eco-friendly solutions using either white vinegar or baking soda. First, combine equal parts vinegar and distilled water, or make a paste with distilled water and baking soda. It is suggested to use distilled water because it contains no minerals or chemicals that might otherwise stain the tile and grout. Some places have hard water; fortunately, O’Connor WA 6163 generally does not. Be sure to not use soap to clean the floor, as soaps can leave a sticky residue that dulls the tile and attracts dirt.

Now that you have your mixture, it’s time to put on gloves and get to the dirty work of scrubbing. Take a scrubber and scrub the entire area in circles. If there are any stains, you can use a gentle bleach and water solution to carefully bleach them out, using gloves and not allowing the bleach to sit too long. Once finished, rinse with just water and a mop, and then allow to completely dry. After it has all dried, you’ll want to apply a sealer.

If possible, try to know what it has been sealed with in the past so that it will best adhere to the tile and grout. If it has never been sealed before, be aware that this might change the colour depending on the product. Sealing your tile and grout can make your O’Connor WA 6163 home look like new, but it should be very well considered since it will be difficult to remove. If you do not want to seal it, you can also do a polish that will look nice and help keep the tile healthy, but won’t have the same effect as a sealant, good or bad.

Once you’ve sealed it, you should keep up with proper maintenance and hire professionals to deep clean your tile and grout for you. Our professional services are bonded, using only the best environmentally friendly, non-toxic products for your O’Connor WA 6163 home. We take the pressure off for scheduling as well, making it easy to book online or over the phone. We look forward to working with you, and know that you’ll enjoy your freshly cleaned tile and grout.

Have Your Upholstery Cleaned in O’Connor

General upholstery cleaning is not complicated. There are many things you can do for yourself such as shaking out the cushions, vacuuming, spot treating when necessary, and more. It is recommended that you have your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned at least once a year, or maybe more depending on your O’Connor WA 6163home environment, such as pets, family size, and children.

Specialty Cleaning For Your Upholstery

What is not as straightforward, however, is working with more difficult upholstery such as leather, antiques, and very specialty materials. Suede leather can be a beautiful, but easily stained fabric that you would want to have professionally cleaned. You may have a lovely leather sectional, but are starting to see the wear. Of course, you don’t want to buy a new sectional—that is quite a bit of money, not to mention the time involved in finding the best deal and what you like for your O’Connor WA 6163 home. The best solution is to just have your furniture cleaned and looking fresh again.

One way to maintain leather is to keep it out of the direct sunlight to avoid fading or deterioration. Another way, is to keep it vacuumed out and fluffing the cushions, if possible.

It may be that you’ve just lived with your furniture for a while and are just getting used to how it looks. You can freshen it up aesthetically by adding some seasonal pillows or throw blankets. Adding a throw blanket will also help lessen wear and damage to some extent if strategically placed in high-wear areas, such as arm rests or head rests. If your upholstered furniture is very old and worn, and you have done proper maintenance and professional cleaning, you may just want to look into purchasing some new furniture. But new doesn’t have to mean brand new.

Shopping For Furniture

Some people won’t buy used furniture because they are put off by the thought of having someone else’s stains and wear in the fabric, which you should be cautious about. However, there is quite a bit of used furniture that is in excellent condition.The person may just be selling it to upgrade, because they are moving, or because they’re re-decorating. You don’t have to spend heaps of money buying new furniture if there is quality used furniture, just be sure to have it cleaned. Furniture stores may have a special discount on furniture that has a small stain or light wear, and just having it cleaned will be well worth the price of the sale.

Maintaining Your Investment

The best way to prevent having to buy new furniture, or even used upholstered furniture, is by keeping up with your maintenance and occasional professional cleaning. Because deep cleaning is not as frequent, you can create a deep cleaning schedule once or twice a year, perhaps with your spring cleaning, where you budget having someone come and clean the upholstery, carpets, windows, and the tile and grout cleaning. Our bonded cleaners at Carpet Cleaning for Perth can assist with all of these services, making your home clean and beautiful from top to bottom.

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