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Almost all homes in Oldbury WA 6121or elsewhere have tile and grout in them somewhere. Generally speaking, we think of tile and grout for the bathroom, shower, kitchen backsplash, or tile floors, but there may be other places you have Tile and grout . Some people who live in hot or humid climates, like in Oldbury WA 6121, will have all tile floors, which is very nice, cool, and attractive. There are other places and uses for tile and grout that are not as common, but can be a beautiful update to your home.

Updating Your Home with Tile

You may have a home that you either inherited or were older when you bought it. It may be a town home, or even a flat or space you’re renting. There are always improvements to be done, and many of them typically involve flooring. Some people rent or purchase a home and inherit it with bad carpeting and recurring stains that, no matter how much you clean, simply will not go away. If you’re a homeowner or long-term renter, you may want to consider talking to your landlord about an update on the flooring or bathroom, with tile as a nice option. Even if you’re renting in Oldbury WA 6121, your landlord may be inclined to let you make improvements as this increases the home value.

When looking at architecture from the turn of the century, you’ll see a lot of use of tile flooring as a design feature. Not only is it attractive, but very functional, and easier to keep clean than carpeting. If you have a tile floor, you can add area rugs or runners for aesthetics and cosiness in winter. One way to update your home with tile is to add a colourful or interestingly patterned neutral backsplash to your kitchen. Mid-century modern style is all about tile, which fortunately is very popular right now, so there are lots of resources available.

What to Do with That Bathroom

Another way to update with tile and grout is to change the tile in your bathroom or shower. You could add a light colour like a soft blue for the shower, giving a peaceful and clean feel, especially if the rest of the bathroom is white. If you inherited old yellow tile from the 1970s-1980s, don’t feel bad about starting all over. Or, you may have some nice tile throughout your home that just needs a good cleaning.

Cleaning tile and grout can be a huge hassle, especially if it is decorative and very detailed. The benefit, however, is that cleaning tile is easier than re-wallpapering or painting, so keep that in mind with your updates. You can clean it yourself with a lot of time and scrubbing, or you can hire our professional services at Carpet Cleaning for Perth to help you out.

Having your Oldbury WA 6121home updated and cleaned with our help will make your house feel more like a home. If you’re not looking to update, the next best thing is to keep everything as clean as possible. Nothing looks quite as crisp as white tile and white grout, so let us help you make your home beautiful.

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Carpet Cleaning is generally not complicated. You vacuum about twice a week, you treat stains, you either have it professionally cleaned occasionally or treat it yourself- what could go wrong? Not all carpets are equal. You may be fortunate enough to have some decorative Oriental rugs that you’ve inherited, bought yourself locally in Oldbury WA 6121, or travelled to Asia to purchase. Oriental- or Middle Eastern-style carpets are very beautiful and very valuable. Some people use them as wall hangings, more like tapestries, but in general, they are found on the floor of your home.

Protect That Rug Investment

Something incredible about Oriental rugs is that they tend to be handmade and are designed to tell a story using different patterns symbolizing life events and the history of a region. Different countries and areas use a few primary motifs, which is one way to tell where the rug was made. In addition to being handmade, Oriental rugs have very particular materials such as wools, silks, cottons, and for very luxurious ones, gold or silver threads. If you own a very valuable carpet, you want to see it and enjoy it, and of course, keep it very clean. Since many home cleaning companies will not want to risk cleaning your valuable carpet, here are some tips for maintaining Oriental rugs for yourself.

First, be sure to keep it out of the direct sunlight which will make it deteriorate faster. This is probably a pretty obvious caretaking technique, but one that may not be as obvious, is to rotate the carpets in your Oldbury WA 6121 home to allow for even wear. Particularly if it is located in a high-traffic area, such as a hallway or entry way, be sure to rotate every one to two months. With rotation, you should be flipping the carpet over to straighten out the tassels the rug likely has. Oriental-style rugs typically have thick fibres, so while you of course vacuum your regular carpets, you’ll want to especially vacuum these more frequently to keep the dust out. Finally, for a high-humidity area like Oldbury WA 6121, be sure to air out your rug occasionally so that the moisture doesn’t sit in the fibres.

While these techniques are for Oriental rugs, you can also use them to maintain and care for other area rugs as well. Area rugs and runners keep things looking fresh, and make it easier to clean and vacuum your carpets. If you don’t have area rugs, you may want to start with a welcome mat to help people clean their shoes before they come in. A decorative area rug is a great choice for the entry way as well, to pick up the extra dirt that comes in. You can easily wash these, which helps keep the regular wall-to-wall carpets cleaned.

Even when you’ve taken care of your carpets and added area rugs, the regular carpets should be professionally cleaned once to twice a year. With our professional services at Carpet Cleaning for Perth, your home will be fresh and clean, and you’ll feel healthier as well.

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There are so many different materials used for upholstery, and even within your home you may have a variety. You may be looking to get your upholstered furniture cleaned in Oldbury WA 6121, but there are some things you can do for yourself in-between professional cleanings. First, you’ll want to know what you’re working with by looking at the care tag. If there is not a care tag, you may be able to look it up online by the manufacturer or type of material. Upholstery cleaning tags have codes that aren’t necessarily initially obvious, so here are a few of the codes.

Get in the Know with Your Codes

‘W’ means the material can be cleaned with water-based cleaning products, so this is a good material for cleaning your upholstery yourself. ‘S’ means it should be cleaned with either a solvent or non-water based product. You want to be careful not to use water on these, as it may damage the dye. Additionally, be very careful when using dry-cleaning products, as using the wrong ones, or using them incorrectly, could seriously damage your furniture. For when you don’t know what the best method or product is, it may be a good time to have our professionals in Oldbury WA 6121 help you out.

‘WS’ or ‘SW’ – yes, you guessed it- these types of materials can be cleaned with either water-based or solvent products, or even a combination. For these, you’ll also want to be very cautious if cleaning yourself. It is best to hire a professional, but if you are going to clean it yourself, test a small, un-seen spot on the underside and give it plenty of time to see how it works out before doing the whole piece.

After you’ve determined what material you’re working with, it is recommended that you take off the cushions, vacuum all surfaces thoroughly with an attachment, and then apply whatever product is best. If you’re using a foam product, you can remove the foam with a spatula after working into the cushions. After removing the product, wipe with a clean, damp cloth, ensuring that it is not too wet as this may soak in and shrink the material. Make sure to avoid product contact with any wood finishing and allow to completely dry before use. You may even want to take it outside to dry faster, depending on the weather and the size of your furniture. The heat from the sun will speed up the drying process as well as kill any bacteria.

Leather furniture comes with its own challenges. If you live in Oldbury WA 6121, the sun can be very bright most of the year. Take care not to leave your leather in the sun, as this will make it fade and deteriorate much faster. Be sure to keep your leather couch or furniture vacuumed out frequently, maybe whenever you vacuum the floors to help you remember. Especially with lighter colours, be sure to treat stains immediately and maintain with leather oil. There are a lot of things to consider when cleaning your home, so let us help you keep your upholstered furniture clean with our professional services.

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