Carpet Cleaning

Almost all homes have carpets covering and beautifying their floors; carpets provide a touch of style and class to the interior decoration of these homes. To ensure continuous and long lasting enhancement and beautification of your home, it is essential that you carry out regular carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Stain Removal

Coffee and wine spill makes a stain on carpet which can’t be removed easily. Our professional cleaners have experience to remove those kind of stain from carpet. We have appropriate method to remove stains from carpet without damaging it. To know more about our carpet cleaning service click here.

Steam Cleaning

When searching for the perfect carpet cleaning method, you will come across several techniques and procedures that can be used. The carpet cleaning for Perth have best suitable methods of carpet steam cleaning that best suits you in an affordable price. We are your local carpet cleaning company who knows your needs of carpet cleaning. To know more click here

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture is expensive and so having it continue to look its best for years by cleaning it regular basis is a great way to expand its longevity. Part of the reason why upholstery cleaning can be such an important job to do on a regular basis is because of your beloved pets. We take care of your expensive furniture. To know more about upholstery cleaning click here.

Sofa Cleaning

It actually takes a while before you as a home owner notice how dirty your sofa and couch is; at this time, the cleaning it requires must have been long overdue. Just like every other item in your home, regular sofa cleaning can help increase the longevity and usefulness. For more information about our service click here.

Rugs Cleaning

We specialise in professional rug washing and repair services with a commitment to excellent customer service and affordable prices. We do not simply clean the surface of the rugs. We steam clean them thoroughly, using the safest detergents and the most advanced equipment. For more information click here.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Keeping a clean home at all time is a very difficult battle. Visitors and kids will track in mud from outdoor places, kids will spill food and drinks over the floor and even your pets will leave their fur all over the place. Tile and grout needs cleaning after a specific time when mould build up on it which contains harmful bacteria. More information click here.

Scrubbing Floor

One solution that some experts believe you should start with is to simply go full restoration every time. Do not use any chemicals but instead use a little scrubbing. They believe every week you should scrub gently with a grout brush. Using a grout brush is a good suggestion as a grout brush will not damage your grout, but it will remove any of the excess soap build-up, dirt build-up, and other things that can accumulate on your tile grout.

Mould Removal

Steam is a fantastic cleaner not just of tile and grout but nearly all surfaces as long as it is not laminated wood. The high heat from the steam will actually sterilise an area and kill any mould or bacterial growth. It is a fantastic cleaning method to use on your tile in your bathroom and around your sink or stove because it will get rid of a lot of deep set-in dirt and grease and it can be utilised on almost any surface safely. More information click here.


Have you ever asked yourself: what can I do in order to obtain the best possible bond cleaning? Well, this is the question that our cleaning experts in Carpet Cleaning for Perth constantly ask ourselves and we will always look for all possible ways to improve our bond cleaning service in order to meet customer satisfaction. With our experienced cleaning professionals who are equipped with high-tech cleaning supplies, you can always trust our bond cleaning service.

End of Lease Cleaning

If you need a reliable end of lease cleaning in Perth because your tenancy contract is due to end soon – The Carpet Cleaning for Perth can ensure that you get your deposit back. Our experienced cleaners will leave the property in spotless condition for your landlord and next tenants. We offer you a comprehensive service at reasonable prices.

Real Estate Cleaning

Whether you are a property owner or a Real estate company, we know you’re busy taking care of your business. You do not have the time to worry about cleaning your properties or managing those who do. Let us do what we do best, while you concentrate on what you do best. We offer Move-In and Move-Out cleanings for property owners and cleaning services for properties currently on the market for sale: Open Houses, Showings, and Closing Day Cleanings.


There is no better feeling than coming in to a clean home and moving out of a home without needing to clean it. Whether you just bought a new home or moving into a new rental unit you expect it to be clean and sanitary. We have various cleaning services option for you weather your property is on sale or hand over to the tenants. We carpet cleaning for Perth provides affordable services.

For Sale Cleaning

Our extensive experience in for sale cleaning comes from cleaning some of the filthiest properties in Perth and the surrounding areas. We are the first choice of many Housing Associations, letting Agents and Private Landlords who require a for sale cleaning. We have carried out thousands of property deep cleans over the years, our attention to detail.

Hand Over Cleaning

Are you going to be moving to a new home or office sometime in the near future? If that’s the case, you’ll probably be required to leave your current property cleaned and ready for the next tenant. What’s the best way to go about this? If you’ve got lots to clean, and if you want to avoid all the extra effort that inevitably comes with cleaning an entire property, why not think about hiring us and forget all your worries.


Are you a busy person that wants to spend more time with your family and less time cleaning? Our house cleaning service is just what you need. There are hundreds of house cleaners in Perth ready to be hired and take over your house cleaning. Whether you need someone a few hours every other week or a everyday cleaning – no longer will you have to pay high fees for cleaning services as we are the best in region to provide house cleaning services in an affordable price.

Spring Cleaning

Horray! It’s time for spring cleaning again! Not to worry, you can just give a call to Carpet Cleaning for Perth at 0424 470 460 as we are always ready to assist you in your cleaning. Spring cleaning is mainly carried out for welcoming a variety of festivals or celebration such as New Year, Christmas Day, Easter Holiday and many more. Meanwhile, some people request for spring cleaning to welcome a whole new season. Spring cleaning focus on cleaning as thoroughly as possible hence, Carpet Cleaning for Perth have all appropriate resources to complete a comprehensive spring cleaning.

Domestic Cleaning

Are you seeking more time to spend with your family and friend without wasting your weekends in cleaning your house? We provide domestic cleaning service on regular basis to keep clean your house.Regular cleaning of your house keeps your house germs free and in presentable situation. We have experienced cleaners who are experts in regular domestic cleaning; they can take care of your all cleaning needs. For more information on domestic cleaning or to book our services please call us on 0424 470 460.






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