Here’re Amazing Carpet Cleaning Facts Answering Why You Need Our Professional Cleaners  

After a long day of work and exhaustion, it’s the home where you find the ultimate peace, isn’t it? But what if we say that you are not that safe even at your house? Well, cleanliness is something that promotes healthy living and ensuring the same in every corner is extremely essential. To maintain a healthy air quality indoors so that you can breathe safe and relaxed, we can help you with our carpet cleaning service.

Starting from Your Carpets!

Let’s begin with those carpets on the floor that are regularly bearing your steps and hence, collecting dirt.

The fibres of your carpets attract dust and dirt quite rapidly. Moreover, spills, stains, pet faeces, pet urine, etc. lead to the formation of bacteria, fungus, mildew and moulds in the layers of the product.

Needless to say, it is not possible for your standard vacuum cleaner to remove these harmful microbes, by going deep into the carpet layers. But being a professional company, Carpet Cleaning for Perth has access to advanced machinery required for doing the job perfectly.

Our Team for Cleaning Your Carpets

  1. We have proficiency in strategising cleaning methods for your carpets as per the extent of the damage.
  2. Our experts have the know-how on different types of carpet fibres; hence, they customise their techniques accordingly.
  3. The tools and equipment we use have been designed specifically to remove microbes and dirt from deeper layers of the carpets.
  4. We use certain cleaning solutions which are non-toxic and safe for both human beings as well as carpet.
  5. Often market available cleaning solvents in Winthrop WA 6150 are toxic and contaminate the air quality. Whereas, our products do the opposite, improving environmental conditions in your house.

Are you scratching your head thinking why you should hire the professionals instead of trying all DIY techniques? Well, let us share with you some facts about carpets here.

Check Out Some Amazing Truths About Carpet Cleaning

  1. As identified by microbiologists, there are 5 major places where highest number of germs are found including
    • Washing machines
    • Kitchen trash boxes
    • Dish Sponges
    • Bathroom toilets while flushing

And guess which the 5th one is? The air blowing from the vacuum cleaner you use. Surprised?

  1. Several pounds of soil get accumulated both inside and under your carpet every year in Winthrop WA 6150.
  2. In an hour, one person sheds around 1.5 million of skin flakes. You might not believe, but most of these flakes get accumulated in those carpets.
  3. Dry soil embedded in the carpet fibres transforms to mud during the cleaning procedure when they combine with moisture. So, carefulness is required.
  4. Not all types of stains can be removed from the carpet using DIY methods. Stains having acids, tannins, caustics or dyes require specialised methods for removing.
  5. Proper grooming is essential after Carpet Cleaning . This helps in a quick drying and the pile sitting on the same

So, these are the major reasons why it is essential to call our experts who are trained in this job. The best part is we are now in Winthrop WA 6150; hence, you can have access to our service anytime. Why not call us now?

Eradicate the Unwanted Guests through Our Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service 

One of the important things responsible for your home décor is upholstery. In fact, these also offer you comfort and cosiness to relax at the hectic day’s end. Now, what will happen if you ignore upholstery cleaning for a long time?

  • It will hamper the aesthetics of your room.
  • No one would like to sit on or use dirty and stained upholstery.
  • Comfort level of using those will reduce.
  • After few days, these would stink due to spills and stains.
  • Pet stains can emit a foul smell when dried up, which is extremely dangerous for your health.

At Carpet Cleaning for Perth , we know what all these can lead to. We are professional cleaners who use proven methods that will not only clean the upholstery but also retain its fibres.

Now, apart from the above factors, do you know what else creeps in your dirty sofa or table? No, it’s not just the dust you can see while vacuum cleaning; rather, there’s more.

What’s Inside Your Dirty Couch that Needs to Be Removed Immediately?

  1. Allergens like dust mites

All your soft furnishings are excellent breeding places for dust mites and other such allergens. Quite unknowingly, we keep inhaling even the dead mites along with their faeces and skins (shed).

And these are one of the major factors causing allergies, asthma, skin problems and other breathing issues. Allergens also contaminate the air indoors in the houses at Winthrop WA 6150.

  1. Virus and bacteria

Much like your family, these viruses and bacteria love to hang out on and in your favourite couch and cushions. They spread their population even in the deep layers of the upholstered furniture. We guess you have a fair idea, how easy it is for these microbes to harm you physically!

  1. Pet dander

Now, if you have pets and couches are their favourite places, most likely, pet dander will be there in your upholstery. These need to be cleaned, or else, after few days, you might see the people in your family suffering from various health issues. Upholstery cleaning by our professionals is of utmost necessity in this case.

  1. Moulds and mildew

No! If you think these are found just in bathrooms, you have a wrong notion. Your upholstery is also their favourite place. Ask why? Well, upholsteries available in Winthrop WA 6150 are usually made of absorbent fabric which easily collects the excess moisture. Such conditions are excellent for moulds to grow.

Problems with moulds

  • Asthma
  • Other respiratory problems
  • Weak immune system
  • Skin rashes and other reactions, etc.
  1. Residues of home cleaners

It is important to use the right solution for upholstery cleaning. Often the market products you buy (being high in chemicals and toxic substance) leave their residues on your soft furnishings. If you have sensitive skin, it can cause a severe health issue.

Carpet Cleaning for Perth has been in this industry for quite a long time now. For us – quality cleaning and your good health are two major factors. By using certified, non-toxic chemicals, we ensure no residues are there to harm you.

We are sure you don’t want to entertain all those unwanted guests in your upholstery, right? Well, our methods can ensure 99.9% removal of all these germs and dust, at your pocket-friendly price. So, book us now if you are at Winthrop WA 6150.

Give Your Flooring a Safe Makeover with Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

One fine morning you suddenly notice, the tiles are looking quite dingy and need a makeover. Well, to you, makeover means replacing with new tiles as regular cleaning isn’t enough to make your brownish grout lines shine. But isn’t that going to cost you big? Relax! We can give you a makeover at half the price with our professional Tile and grout cleaning .

Often your tiles might look perfectly clean with no discoloration, but that doesn’t mean there’s no dirt. At Carpet Cleaning for Perth, we will help you to identify how dirt and germs hide in your flooring, even after regular mopping.


Certain tiles, for example – the ceramic ones, have a different texture that is not purely white. However, grease, dirt and dust particles make their way into its contours.

Add on to that, the products available at Winthrop WA 6150 are mostly chemical based which leave behind their toxic residues on the floor. You use it at home and gradually; the tiles lose their shine.


This is even worse as grouts are porous. With time, as the sealants wear off, everything including microbes starts accumulating in its pores. This is what discolours those grouts, making the whole environment unhealthy to reside in.

Mildew Infestation on Tile and Grout

At times, you might notice the whitish grey colour on your tiles. If not anything, this can be mildew infestation. Moulds and mildew grow in humid regions, especially your bathroom, due to constant wet floor and poor ventilation.

If you leave it unclean, bacteria will grow and spread rapidly, creating a foul smell in the bathroom. Most households and office buildings in Winthrop WA 6150 have this same complaint.

Such unclean flooring can pollute the air quality indoors and cause severe health issues again. Hence, availing our professional tile and grout cleaning is extremely important.

Carpet Cleaning for Perth Ensures a Safe Makeover

Here is what we do to solve all your problems:

  1. Assessment of the tiles’ conditions.
  2. Strategizing the appropriate cleaning method
  3. Offering hassle-free tile and grout cleaning
  4. Sealing the grouts for dirt accumulation preventive measures

And regarding the cleaning solutions, we use specialized solvents that are eco-friendly, non-toxic and can refresh the air quality. Our experts at Winthrop WA 6150 offer customized procedures using all advanced machinery and tools.

So, if you are in Winthrop, contact our professionals for tile and grout cleaning today. You can even drop us your message via email. We shall get back to you sooner!

Ensure Healthy Environment Indoors With Quality Cleaning At Winthrop WA 6150

At Carpet Cleaning for Perth, we believe that proper cleaning can bring out the best in the products. It reduces your need to get new ones, ensures durability, enhances quality and keeps you ready to welcome guests anytime.

  • Customised cleaning techniques
  • 24/7 client support
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Affordable packages
  • Trained and certified team
  • Availability of different tools and equipment

All these factors have made us one of the most reliable cleaners in Winthrop WA 6150. We strive to improve our service constantly offering you a safe living at home. However, not only houses, but we also provide our cleaning services to commercial complexes and on various occasions. So, what do you want us to clean? Let’s have a talk now!

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